Monday, July 31, 2006

Geoff Will Teach You Campology

Update from Geoff:

So the three of you are interested in the Campology Slackademics session. I am more than happy to run it with just the three of you - but if you guys know of anyone else who'd like to show, bring them along. I would like to start at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, August 1st in the little park at the corner of Trafalgar and Cornwall.

With regards to the skills we'll work on, I'd like to hear more from you guys. What kind of camping are you interested in doing? What have you done? Are you interested in the basics, like setting up a camp, getting a fire going, cooking, are you interested in knots, first aid, animal tips? I'll try to include as much as possible.

If you want, bring any camping gear you have and we'll mess around with it. I'm going camping this weekend, so I plan to just keep my stuff packed up so that I can spread it out on Tuesday.

I've put out a request to some of my more non-campingish friends to see if they are interested in the course too, so hopefully we'll get a few more folks. I think I will also have my lovely assisstant Nicole along to help!! If weather permits and you guys are interested, I thought it might be fun to go have a little campfire down on the little-known beach beside the park. Lemme know!
Cheerio, Geoff

Please do bring some food. I've got three burners we can use to cook on. If anyone else has campy style stoves, bring them too. I plan on making a couple different camping meals that I typically enjoy while out in the bush, but if you want to bring hot dogs and marshmallows to roast on the fire, please do!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stephane Will Teach You How To Read Music/Music Theory

Stephane is offering to teach you how to read music and about music theory (are they one in the same, only he can say). If you're interested, comment here or email me at

What Classes Are Offered?

Acting, method
Acting: Voice Acting
Algebra, Fractions
Art: Animation
Art: Art History
Art: Graphic Design
Art: Jewelry Making
Art: Miniature Painting
Art: Painting
Art: Photography
Art: Screen Printing
Art: Tattoos
Beeswax Candles
Bicycle Repair
Brochures, making
Business: Run an Online Business
Business: Running a business
Buy/Sell Stuff on eBay
Chinese Culture, Religion & History
Computers: Flash
Computers: General
Computers: HTML
Computers: Photoshop
Cooking (Desserts/Chocolate Making)
Cooking (Savory)
Cooking (Vegan)
Cooking (Vegetarian)
Cooking Curry Dishes
Crisis Intervention/Suicide Awareness/Response
Exercise/Personal Training
First Aid
Plants: Gardening
Plants: Growing Plants from Seeds
History of Christianity & the Church
IQ Assessment
Job Hunting
Kitchen Safety
Language: Cantonese
Language: German
Language: Greek
Language: Japanese
Language: Latin
Language: Mandarin
Lantern Making
Marine Biology
Mediation/Collaborative Conflict Resolution
Music: Acoustic Guitar
Music: Drums
Music: Piano
Music: Read Music / theory
Music: Singing
Music: Songwriting
Music: Sound Engineering
Psychology (ADHD/Autism)(Creativity)
Safe Facilitation for Youth
Spa Treatments at Home
Tai Chi
Text Adventuring, From Advent to Zork to Today
Unarmed Combat
Writing: Grammar
Zine Printing
Art: Painting: Acrylic texture application
Camping Skills
Comic Books
Freelancing so Editors Like You
Internet video & DVD authoring
Language: French
Plants: Herbology/Herbal Medicine, Skin Care
Plants: Plant/Herb I.D. (walks)
String Theory (for math uninclined)

I Want To Teach A Class

If you want to teach a class, email me at (put slackademics in the subject heading please) or comment here and I'll update the list.

Slackademics FAQ

Yeah, school is okay, but there’s another way to learn things. People I know have lots of skills. They are willing to share them, and they want to learn new ones, and nobody has to spend any silly school fees - just a little time. Regardez le Slackademics Vancouver. Whenever somebody wants to teach a class, we determine demand and set it up. People bring food and, where applicable, required supplies.

Presently, Slackademics is more or less by referral only. If you're coming to this website cold, and you are interested in participating, please email me, Toren, at If you were referred to this site by me or are a friend of a friend, then as long as you're not trying to set up a "class" on "how to buy AmWay products" then welcome!

I have had my email address and my snail mail address on the internet pretty much since 1993. I have never had any problems as a result of that, but then again I am not a woman. This whole concept involves potential strangers coming into your home, or that of your buddy's. So please be aware of that, and let me say that it is your right as an instructor or a slackademics host to refuse anyone--on any grounds without any kind of explanation--of your services or personal space. Please feel free to screen your students before you give out your home address or any other personal information.

You got that kids? I am the administrator and moderator. As such I will kick your ass if your posts are out of line.

*It is my hope to get a full-fledged slackademics website going anyway, so this bloggery may not be online forever.