Thursday, July 20, 2006

Slackademics FAQ

Yeah, school is okay, but there’s another way to learn things. People I know have lots of skills. They are willing to share them, and they want to learn new ones, and nobody has to spend any silly school fees - just a little time. Regardez le Slackademics Vancouver. Whenever somebody wants to teach a class, we determine demand and set it up. People bring food and, where applicable, required supplies.

Presently, Slackademics is more or less by referral only. If you're coming to this website cold, and you are interested in participating, please email me, Toren, at If you were referred to this site by me or are a friend of a friend, then as long as you're not trying to set up a "class" on "how to buy AmWay products" then welcome!

I have had my email address and my snail mail address on the internet pretty much since 1993. I have never had any problems as a result of that, but then again I am not a woman. This whole concept involves potential strangers coming into your home, or that of your buddy's. So please be aware of that, and let me say that it is your right as an instructor or a slackademics host to refuse anyone--on any grounds without any kind of explanation--of your services or personal space. Please feel free to screen your students before you give out your home address or any other personal information.

You got that kids? I am the administrator and moderator. As such I will kick your ass if your posts are out of line.

*It is my hope to get a full-fledged slackademics website going anyway, so this bloggery may not be online forever.


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